Hello, Friends! Here are a couple of ways to catch me on-line. . .



I love taking pictures. It’s my thing. Check out my insta: _kellyparra_.


I answer all fan mail and requests for writing collaborations. Please be patient and I will get back to you.  Thanks a bunch! Use the form below or email me at: K (dot) lynnparra (at) gmail (dot) com.


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Sadly, an altered fan email was circulated on the web regarding the FNAF series and the email was fake with false details. I’m not sure why the email was rewritten but I have never, nor will I ever, share details regarding how the stories are created. Due to this incident, I will no longer respond to emails for FNAF books. Only for my own titles. Sorry! The person who posted the altered email has come forward and apologized for posting the fake message and all is forgiven for this misunderstanding. I appreciate the support and messages. Keep reading!


*Illustration of Kelly by Lumi Waves Studio.


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