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Bad Boy for Keeps by Kelly Lynn Parra is a riveting story you won’t want to put down. Roxy and Mitch take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. It’s a perfect mix of romance and suspense.

Sally RigbyAuthor of The Cavendish & Walker Series

Criminal Instinct is a roller coaster ride right from the get-go. The plot was like an onion that was constantly being peeled away. It had me riveted to my seat until the very end.


Kelly just has a very unique writing style that just completely captures a teenage girl's feelings and sucks in the reader.

Book Bite Reviews Reviewer

Kelly Parra writes with the keen eye of an artist. Graffiti Girl is warm, gutsy, and true-to-life — an unflinching, honest portrayal of young adults.

Anne FraiserUSA Today Bestselling Author

Kelly Lynn Parra brings a distinctive voice and style to her intense suspense novels that sucks you in from page one and holds you prisoner.

Dianna LoveNYT Bestselling Author

Kelly Parra’s Invisible Touch is an action-packed coming-of-age novel, sure to keep readers turning pages and begging for a sequel.

Laurie Faria StolarzBestselling Author

...a strong debut novel for teens…Five out of five gold pens for Graffiti Girl.

Robert WalchCalifornian Reviewer

The Gold Award of Excellence! This book shows that when you’re always looking to the future, you often forget to deal with the past. An amazing, touching novel that deals with big issues in an original context.



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Graffiti art. It’s bold. It’s thrilling. And it can get a girl into serious trouble…

Angel Rodriguez is a headstrong, independent young woman who channels her hopes and dreams for the future into her painting. But when her entry for a community mural doesn’t rate, she’s heartbroken. That’s when Miguel Badalin–from the notorious graffiti crew Reyes Del Norte–opens her eyes to an underground world of graf tags and turf wars. She’s blown away by this bad boy’s fantastic work and finds herself drawn to his dangerous charm. Soon she’s running with Miguel’s crew, pushing her skills to the limit and beginning to emerge as the artist she always dreamed she could be. Angel must decide what matters most before the artist inside of her can truly break free.

  • TWO Time RWA RITA Finalist: Best First Book, Best YA Novel
  • Selected by the National Book Foundation for the “BookUp NYC” program
  • Selected by a VIT (Very Important Teen) as a page-turning read in TEEN magazine (Winter 2008)
  • Recommended by the The California Latino Legislative Caucus for Reading Education