Kelly Parra is a California writer of teen novels, romance fiction, and short stories. Her young adult novels, Graffiti Girl (MTV/Simon & Schuster, 2007), and Invisible Touch (MTV/Simon & Schuster, 2008), are included in the California High School Reading Lists by the California Readers Organization, and her novel Graffiti Girl is part of the National Book Foundations’ “BookupNYC” program, encouraging middle grade students to read. Her works have also been nominated for honors such as Latino Young Adult Novel Top Pick by Latinidad®, Best Young Adult for Romance Writers of America®, and the Tomas Rivera Mexican American Children’s Book Award.

Kelly’s teen works are known for including diverse characters, and invoking positive messages for young readers. Her books have been featured in the newspapers: Salinas Californian, Monterey Herald, and the Monterey Bay Ink, and several on-line literary websites. Published authors and reviewers have touted Kelly’s books as “compelling,” “exciting,” and “page-turning.” Carina Press debuted Kelly’s adult fiction novel, Criminal Instinct, as one of the publisher’s launch titles. Kelly resides in her hometown in Central Coast, California with her family. Discover more of her writing at

The shorter bio . . .

KELLY PARRA is a two-time RITA® nominated, multi-published author of young adult, romance fiction, and short stories. She has created memorable, diverse characters in her novels Graffiti Girl and Invisible Touch (Simon & Schuster), and her novel for adults, Criminal Instinct (Carina Press). She divides her time between her novels, creative hobbies, and the adventures of freelance writing. Kelly resides in Central Coast, California with her family. Discover more of her writing at


Young Adult

Graffiti Girl is about Angel Rodriguez, a young Latina, who is finding her place in the art world and is lured in by the underground lifestyle of graffiti.

Invisible Touch is a about Kara Martinez, a psychic teen, who follows clues to help others from unfortunate fates while breaking free from the constraints put on her Mexican heritage.

Chronicles of a Teen Supernatural Hunter is a collection of stories about orphan teen supernatural hunters who solve supernatural crimes. Urban fantasy meets romance.


Criminal Instinct is about a criminal Latina named Ana Moreno, who joins a secret informant group in order to stay out of jail and take down drug dealers. The only problem is she falls for the leading suspect.

Bad Boy for Keeps is about bad boy Mitch Mason and Latina Roxanne Garcia. A man set on revenge. A woman running from danger. Can they escape their past in order to make a future together?


Fun Kelly Facts

  • Kelly is multicultural. She went all out and had her DNA tested. Her nationalities are Mexican, Filipino, and French, with some light ancestorial markers in between.
  • Kelly is a Vegetarian. She does not eat meat. She’s quite happy eating vegetables and grains.
  • Kelly LOVES movies and television series! She’s seen an abundance of 80’s – 90’s cult classic movies.
  • Kelly was a teen artist in high school and began her career as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator before she became a published author. Her artistic background has helped her in her writing career.
  • Kelly was a reluctant reader in high school. It was hard for her to relate to the literary classics assigned in English class, and even harder to finish reading them. That is one of the main reasons she began writing for teens in a relatable voice. She wished for modern, fast-paced, realistic novels during her high school years.
  • V.C. Andrews and Nora Roberts opened her mind to reading and new worlds, and showed her she could love to read too.