8 August 2018

Journal 8.8.18

I went back to an uncompleted project I’ve been working on off and on. I’ll call it MF. Its currently halfway finished. When I first started writing the novel, I aimed for New Adult.

    The New Adult genre involves characters that are older teens, right on the cusp of adulthood through to the early twenties. The characters are exploring and experiencing their place in the world and may also be encountering love.

In one of my moments, I thought maybe I would change MF to an older YA novel as I was seeing more and more get published.

MF could go either way, really.

As I was writing the WIP (work-in-progress), I felt something wasn’t right. I didn’t know if it was the opening scene or the pacing or what.

Then it hit me.

My issue with this WIP is the tone and setting.

I write in different voices in my stories. For my YAs, I want a teen voice in a modern setting. For my Adult/New Adult novels, I write edgier stories and tones.

So I realized I was forcing myself into a niche that wasn’t working. This novel has an older feel. An exploration of a new adult, experiencing newfound feelings. She’s suddenly on her own and unsure where she fits in her world.

I feel good about this direction. I can release the restrictions I had put on myself and just write freely, knowing my younger readers won’t be able to relate. MF will be for older teens and adults.


Glad to have worked that issue out.