Fun Facts

A few fun Kelly facts . . .


  • Kelly is multicultural. She went all out and had her DNA tested. Her nationalities are Mexican, Filipino, and Italian, with some light ancestorial markers in between.
  • Kelly is a Vegetarian. She does not eat meat. She’s quite happy eating vegetables and grains.
  • Kelly LOVES movies and television series! She’s seen an abundance of 80’s – 90’s cult classic movies.
  • Kelly was a teen artist in high school and began her career as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator before she became a published author. Her artistic background has helped her in her writing career.
  • Kelly was a reluctant reader in high school. It was hard for her to relate to the literary classics assigned in English class, and even harder to finish reading them. That is one of the main reasons she began writing for teens in a relatable voice. She wished for modern, fast-paced, realistic novels during her high school years.
  • V.C. Andrews and Nora Roberts opened her mind to reading and new worlds, and showed her she could love to read too.