Neon Lights in the Dark
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Neon Lights in the Dark is a small collection of 10 mini stories, from flash to short fiction, by author Kelly Lynn Parra.

This collection includes stories of flash fiction (Lightning Bolts), mini short stories (Street Lights), and longer length short stories (Neon Lights), with sneak peeks of quotes from Kelly’s published works (Flares). If you haven’t guessed it, many of the stories take place in the darkness with glimpses of light! This collection is for readers who enjoy the quick enjoyable concepts of mini fiction in the genres of supernatural, suspense, and romance.

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The's everything.

I type, fingertips tapping the keyboard. Visions enfold in my mind.

Stop writing, I stop living.

"Storyteller" by Kelly

The night closed around me, and I had all I needed.

Neon light. Spray paint. Wall.

I gripped the can and felt free. The hiss of the spray filled my ears, the fumes dancing through the air.

"Midnight Graffiti" by Kelly

Published : October 31st, 2021
Publisher : Amazon Kindle
Ages : 18 +