Fazbear Frights #4 Step Closer
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Isolation can open up a void. Pete lashes out at his younger brother in the wake of his parents’ divorce, falling prey to a gruesome curse. Kasey struggles with the lengths she’ll go to survive on the streets after stealing a pair of unusual novelty glasses. Samantha and her sister, Susie, struggle to exist side by side, desperate to connect after a horrific tragedy. But in the grim world of Five Nights at Freddy’s, empty feelings often attract hungry monsters . . .┬áReaders beware: This collection of terrifying tales is enough to unsettle even the most hardened Five Nights at Freddy’s fans.

Kelly’s co-authored story with Scott Cawthon is “Step Closer.”

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Published : July 2020
ISBN : 1338576054
Publisher : Scholastic
Ages: : 12 +