11 September 2008

"Headline: Reality Star to be YA Author"

Do you know who this young woman is?

If you don’t, you just don’t follow celebrity gossip much or stay far away from MTV land. This is Lauren Conrad from the hit reality shows The Hills and previously Laguna Beach.

She’s a TV star, a fashion designer, and now a soon to be young adult author. Lauren’s snagged a 3-book deal with HarperCollins.

From People mag:

“…the publisher tells PEOPLE. The books – the first of which is scheduled to hit shelves in the summer of 2009 – will be loosely inspired by Conrad’s own experience going from an ordinary teen to a reality TV star.

‘It’s definitely influenced by my own life,’ Conrad tells PEOPLE. ‘The books are about a girl who moves to L.A. and stars in a reality show, so obviously there are some similarities.'”

I’m sure she’ll sell a good load of books. I do wonder why she didn’t go with the MTV line…but it might have been a case of the best deal.