14 November 2016

Chronicles of a Teen Supernatural Hunter

Surprise! My three Supernatural Hunter stories starring the Jaz and Blake duo are now combined into one collection titled Chronicles of a Teen Supernatural Hunter.

The stories included are as follows:

  • Short story Darkness Becomes Him previously published in Prom Dates to Die For
  • Short Story Mermania previously published in Something Wicked
  • Supernatural Hunters previously published as a standalone novella is no longer available separately.

Here’s the blurb and the new cover…

Life was never dull as a teenage supernatural hunter.supernaturalcoversm

Teen supernatural hunters Jaz and Blake are orphans, who don’t know where they’ve come from or how they have descended from the magical bloodline of hunters. Oz is a powerful Warlock and mentor who has taken in Jaz and Blake to teach them the ways of their destiny. Here are their magical adventures in two entertaining short stories and one novella. . .

In “Darkness Becomes Him” Jaz and Blake are hired to track a dark angel hungry for souls.

In “Mermania” Jaz is bitten and things are getting fishy around Chapel Hill.

In Jaz and Blake’s novella, Supernatural Hunters, one of Oz’s previous students returns to Chapel Hill. Marco is a world-traveling hunter, asking for help to battle something they have never battled before: a Necromancer. Could this be the reason ghouls have been causing havoc around town? As Jaz and Blake attempt to follow the clues of the dead, they are faced with Blake considering leaving Jaz and Oz for greater hunting adventures. While Jaz discovers she could be the one the Necromancer really wants. Is this the end of Jaz and Blake?

I’m very happy to have all three stories together for readers to follow along on Jaz and Blake’s adventures. Will I write more Supernatural Hunter stories? It depends on you, the reader! If you enjoy the series share your thoughts on Amazon reviews or Goodreads or even twitter or your blog. Let me know that you would love more adventures and I’ll do my best to write another story for the series.

Thanks and happy reading!