12 April 2010

"Where I am now…"

The final edits for Criminal Instinct have been turned in! And in a way it makes me nervous and excited. Reading on screen for typos is a little more challenging on the eyes. For my YA books I was sent a print copy of final edits, but Carina Press is completely digital. I hope I caught all typos and any discrepancies. The launch for Carina is set for June 2010!

Getting so close!!

So what am I working on now?

I am working on lining up new promo for my adult debut, I’m slowly writing a new young adult novel and I just made the decision to go forward with a sequel to Criminal Instinct. There is a chance Carina won’t pick it up, but writing is all about taking a chance. I’m 10,000 words in and I hope to write at least 50,000 more in the next few months. *whistle*

I know, wishful thinking, maybe? I calculated if I write 500 words a day, I might pull it off. LOL!

I’ve had home distractions going on for most of the New Year. Nothing bad, just busy with my family and home. It has been tough to focus on writing. Not to mention a tough last year with my career has left me cautious. A little scared. 🙂

So I’m hoping for the best branching out into Romantic Suspense. I’m a newbie in this digital world as many of us are with Carina. I’m having to make new connections and learn how to promote with a digital book. There won’t be in-store book signings or giving print copies or an advance to help finance promo. It’ll be another learning experience in my career. Definitely.

Wish me cyber luck!

22 January 2010

"Hello, Blog World"

Hello Blog World,

In case you haven’t been following the news, California is going through a rough series of storms hitting the coast one after the other, causing havoc of floods, mudslides, fallen trees and power lines, and even tornado warnings. I wish the best to the families affected by these harsh conditions that we really aren’t accustomed to, and safety to the state, PG&E, and city workers during the rest of the winter.

I’ve been back from my Winter Hiatus for a couple of weeks on Twitter, but writing has been like a distant star I’ve been trying to reach since after the New Year. For weeks I’ve been reorganizing my surroundings, my desk, and my plans for 2010. It makes life a lot easier and less stressful.

It was like I was hit with an epiphany at the end of 2009—I had too much stress and a lot of that was caused by disorganization and the goals I felt I couldn’t reach. I was facing hurdles with my writing career (as many writers have last year) that felt like I was riding a roller coaster. I knew it was time for some changes.

With the digital phenomenon of books taking off, I took a risk and submitted my first book—a romantic suspense that had sold to Silhouette Bombshell before it closed its doors–to a new ebook press. And turns out Carina Press felt my novel Criminal Instinct was right for them. *Jersey Shore Fist Pump*

So yes, I’m back to writing adult fiction under the name Kelly Lynn Parra, and with my young adult fiction still writing as Kelly Parra. It’s exciting and scary at the same time!

When I was first submitting to publishers, I wrote both genres, but when Bombshell closed I focused solely on YA. And here I am back again writing both. I’m revamping my website so that I’ll have both genres on one site.

Right now I have several projects in the works. In other words, too many ideas cluttering my brain. By March I hope to have a solid idea on which project will lead the pack.

I’m leaving comments off for a while since I’m not blogging daily, but thank you for reading. I hope to keep my friends updated with writing news soon enough.

Good reading & writing!

14 September 2009

"Book of Ideas"

Book of Ideas

I’ve been working on a new proposal. It’s a potential short connecting series. There are a lot of things to remember and explore with this proposal. So I started a small Book of Ideas.

There are doodles and themes and characteristics and conflicts. Usually I have this information scattered all over the place. On my computer, some on my laptop, some random scrap of paper, post-its, a few pages in a notebook… Very unorganized, me.

Now I have my story thoughts all in one place.

While it is fun starting a new project, it is also a little scary. Because even though you as the writer believe in this story and the characters, others will not. You might have poured such hard work into your story, and still it can get denied.

But I can’t stop myself. This is another story I want to tell. I believe in it. And that’s what you have to do if you want to be a writer.

You have to Believe.

In your writing.

In your story.

In your characters.

You have to Believe In Yourself.

9 July 2009

"The Blank Page"

This is what I have to start with…a blank page.

I had two complete book proposals, nearly half of two books, but they didn’t work. They were too dark, not enough feeling. Maybe no light. So now I’m back to a blank page. In a way that could mean nothing.

And in another way it could mean everything.

The blank page could be a story waiting to be written. It could be ready to be filled with dark and light. It could be ready for some feeling. That’s what I want to create this time. I don’t want to worry about the time going by. Or the sales numbers or the things happening that don’t really matter in long run when all you have is a blank page to fill.

I’m ready to write another story that matters.

And I’m starting with a clean slate, characters to get to know.

I’m starting with a blank page.

Wish me luck. 🙂

1 November 2008

"What I’m Doing"

The Secret Fates Extravaganza is now over. *sigh*

It was a lot of fun and a lot of work! Every author and reader that participated was awesome, and I’m very happy with how it turned out. It’s an event I’ll be remembering for a long time. 🙂

Feedback is trickling in for Invisible Touch. Not many people I know are reading it. haha. Its been a great surprise to hear from new readers that are picking it up. Invisible Touch is little more mature than Graffiti Girl with a slower pace. It’s a story with romance, mystery and family drama. A story that was emotionally trying to write because of the grief and sadness in the book.

What I’ve learned from writing 2 books is that even though every writer wants to write that book that will catch on like wildfire, I have to write for myself. It sounds a little selfish, but if I worry too much about pleasing other people, my happiness with writing fades and I become blocked.

So what am I doing now?

I’ve been working on a new sci-fi YA. Its been challenging. Along with characterization and plot, there’s been world-building and every question must be answered. There’s a lot more action that I hope will be entertaining. But I have lost perspective a little, soon it will be time for my agent’s thoughts.

I’m also not going to ignore the state of the economy and publishing. It might be tough to sell this book. I really don’t know. I already know I won’t have a book out in 2009. Only time will tell with what happens next. 🙂

On another note, if you are interested in winning a copy of Invisible Touch, I’m over on Stephanie Kuehnert’s blog for her Women Who Rock Wednesdays. Leave a comment and winner will be chosen next Wednesday.

I see on-line a lot of you are gearing up for Nano. Good luck! You’re a lot braver than me!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!