22 August 2016

Invisible Touch Reissue

So the time is finally here, my young adult novel INVISIBLE TOUCH is back for readers!

New Cover!


Old Cover!InsTouch350x235


It is the same mysterious paranormal story with Kara and Anthony and her BFF Danielle, with a brand new cover for the digital reissue. And it’s confession time as I tend to do here on my blog…

  • The rights to Touch were giving back to me a few years ago. That means the publisher no longer had the right to publish my book any more. I did. But all by myself? *gulp*
  • The reason it took some time to reissue Touch as an eBook is because I did not know how. Until Amazon came around and said you can publish your own books now! Here are the steps! *woo hoo* But…how again, exactly?
  • First, I took some writing time off and since I didn’t know how to publish an ebook or use Amazon’s program, Touch just sat there collecting dust. My other author friends were totally rocking it, reissuing their own works and hiring people to do it for them. Literary agents were getting into the game and becoming publishers themselves! Hot damn!
  •  I finally told myself, “Kelly, just research, learn, and ask a bunch of annoying questions. You’re a creative hobbyist too remember, so start playing with cover designs. Take a month to edit your novel and get it on Amazon.” So I did, and I’m so happy I finally did it!
  • A print version is in the works…because now I have to figure out how to do that too! And that takes time, peeps.
  • Am I going to totally self-publish now that I reissued Touch? Um, maybe! Haha. My next release will be a romance novella, which is a romance story that is a shorter version than a full-length novel. My plan is to self-pub when I finish, however, I can always change my mind and submit the story to a publisher. I shall keep you posted on that front, peeps!

In the mean time, read an excerpt here, buy an eBook here, spread the love and share my tweet here or on FB!

Thanks bunches!

2 May 2012

Prom Dates To Die For: Now Available!

It’s finally here! Prom Dates To Die For is officially released! Copies are available in print and ebook. And I’m thrilled to share an excerpt of my short story included in this fun young adult anthology. Introducing Jaz and Blake – Teen Supernatural Hunters – in “Darkness Becomes Him.”

“I’ve heard things about you guys… strange things.”

I didn’t have to look at Blake to know a smile curved his mouth. I studied the girl standing in front of us, from her tiny designer boots to her preppy clothes to the sleek blonde hair. Her cheeks were pale, her eyes a little too wide. She said her name was Alexandria.

“Yeah, what kind of things,” I said, and bit into my apple.

She glanced over her shoulder at the other high school preps mulling around Westside High during lunch break, reached into her back pocket and pulled something out.

Blake bumped me aside as he snatched it away from the girl’s hand.

I cursed as my half-eaten apple hit dirt.

“It can’t be…” he murmured.

The girl stepped back. “W-what? What is it?”

Blake moved closer, likely giving her the iced blue intensity of his gaze. I knew that look. We’d caught another case. “Where did you get this?”

She swallowed. “My boyfriend. There’s something wrong with him. He’s not the same since last week. I’ve been finding these all over. We’re supposed to go to prom in a few days. I need help. Your kind of help. Tiffany Wiser. She told me about you. How you helped her a few months back.”

Yeah, the Tiffany girl, filed under Z for Zombie. As in, the infection of her brother. We’d caught it early enough before there was no going back for the kid.

“Okay, we’ll help you,” Blake said.

“For a price,” I cut in from behind Blake. We had to eat.

“I heard. But I don’t have much money. I work at Donna’s Diner. I close Tuesday and Thursdays. I can hook you up with some hot meals.”


“Give us your contact info. We’ll be in touch,” Blake told her. With a look of relief, Alexandria handed Blake a paper with her cell number and email.

“Listen, just don’t tell anybody what you’re helping me with, okay?” Alexandria turned and jogged away.

“So,” I said, and peered over his shoulder. “What’s so interesting?”

A feather. Glistening black with silver dust.

Blake ran his fingers over the fine surface. “It’s an angel feather.”

“What? That’s impossible.”

“No. It’s angel all right.”

“You mean—”

“A dark angel.”

Hope you enjoyed that little peek! Get your copy today at the following retailers:

Buzz Books USA
Amazon – Print | Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook

15 August 2011

Deadly Treats Now Available

I’m excited to have a short story titled “Graveyard Soul Sucker” in the anthology DEADLY TREATS (Nodin Press, August 15th) with many talented writers, and edited by novelist Anne Frasier!

This collection of Halloween short stories features witches, zombies, vampires, food critics, crazy writers, ghosts, suburban housewives, and aliens.

How cool is that?

Deadly Treats is published by Nodin Press, and available for order in paperback from Barnes & Noble and Amazon (Temporarily out of stock due to pre-orders! With more on the way).

Here is an excerpt on my story, “Graveyard Soul Sucker.” If you get a chance to pick up a copy, please let us know what you think!

Here are blurbs for the 19 stories included:

1. Patrica Abbott, The Angel Deeb

When a pickpocket begins to have serious health isssues, he finds himself contemplating a new line of work. If you’ve never read Patti Abbott, you’re in for a treat.

2. Bill Cameron, Sunlight Nocturne

Ex-cop Skin Kadash spends Halloween day building a bat house with his neighbor, four-year-old Danny, while helicopters circle overhead looking for a murderer who might be hiding nearby. This wonderful story skillfully contrasts a lazy fall day with a brutal murder and police search. Bill Cameron writes crime fiction, and is the award-winning author of Lost Dog, Day One, and the recently released County Line published by Tyrus Books.

3. Pat Dennis, Dead Line

Sibling rivalry and a suburban Halloween decorating contest cause Kate to take a pitchfork to her sister’s yard display. Pat is a stand-up comic, popular writing instructor, publisher, and published author.

4. David Housewright, Time of Death

A young girl under arrest for the brutal murder of her cheating boyfriend attempts to convince the investigator that she is innocent, claiming the murder was committed by a ghost. David is an Edgar-winning author, and writing instructor at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis.

5. Stephen Blackmoore, World’s Greatest Dad

By the time Franklin Delacorte wakes up, he’s been dead six hours and is unsure of how he feels about his sons turning him into a zombie. When Franklin’s behavior gets out of control, the boys feel compelled to undo what they’ve done, but Daddy knows best, and Franklin doesn’t want to stay dead. Stephen Blackmoore has an uncanny skill for writing black humor, and World’s Greatest Dad is a hilarious zombie tour de force. Look for his upcoming DAW release, City of the Lost, January, 2012.

5. Heather Dearly, Troubled Water

The anniversary of two deaths brings about the return of the Grim Reaper to Anya Madjigijik’s house on Cemetery Road. A haunting, moody, and beautifully written tale by this previously unpublished author.

6. Mark Hull, Friday Night Dining with Marianne

It’s Halloween, and a food critic finds herself dining on chubby Boy Scout, mountaineer eyeballs, and sea monkeys. If Bram Stoker had written comedy, it would look exactly like this. Mark Hull’s Friday Night Dining is pure charm and delight from beginning to end.

7. Leandra Logan, You Called

A bitter, lonely woman spends Friday nights drinking cheap wine and entertaining herself by redialing the days unanswered calls to harass telemarketers. But she finally meets her match. Leandra is a multi-published, bestselling author.

8. Marilyn Victor, The Ogre of Her Dreams

Fledging witch Aurora Piddleworth wants a soulmate, and she blackmails instructor Olympia Dalrymple into creating the man of her dreams.This is a clever, well-drawn, delightful story from beginning to end. Marilyn Victor is half of the crime-fiction writing team of Marilyn Victor and Michael Allen Mallory, known for their zoo mysteries.

9. Julia Buckley, Motherly Intuition

A mother’s job is never done, and death is no reason to keep Daphne’s mother from looking out for her daughter. Julia Buckley always delights, and Motherly Intuition is a great showcase for her charm and humor. Julia is author of the Madeline Mann series

10. Lance Zarimba, Fangs and All

It’s love at first bite for Billy Joe Jim Bob when he brings his first vampire home in this hilarious and deliberately cliché-packed story. Lance is a multi-published author.

11. L.K. Rigel, Slurp!

Feed your Muse takes on a whole new meaning when a writer has a breakdown on Halloween. A wicked, fresh, and clever tale by a talented writer.

12. Kelly Lynn Parra, Graveyard Soul Sucker

It’s Halloween, and group of college students visit a graveyard in an attempt to reanimate a dead serial killer with a ritual found in an ancient book of spells. Kelly Parra is the award-winning author of Graffiti Girl and the more recent Carina Press release, Criminal Instinct.

13. Jason Evans, She Came on the October Wind

A stray black cat appears nightly at Natalie’s window, bringing with it memories of a sister who ran away years earlier. Jason is the author of the blog, The Clarity of Night, where he hosts and judges a popular flash-fiction contest.

14. Paula L. Fleming, Tricks, Treats, and Terror in Tin Lake

Halloween is the one day of the year when alien Adeela can shed her costume and walk freely among the humans. Paula L. Fleming is a short-story writer and busy freelance editor living in Minneapolis.

15. Shirley Damsgaard, Bewitched

So what if you don’t have the right ingredients to cast a spell? Rachel buys a magic book from an antique store and uses household ingredients to bring Mr. Right back into her life. Shirley is the author of the popular Ophelia and Abby mysteries.

16. Anne Frasier, The Replacement

After a young man is reanimated, he has forty-eight hours to find a replacement for his empty grave if he wants to remain above ground. The best candidate for replacement is the man who murdered him. Anne is a USA Today bestselling author. Her memoir, The Orchard (Theresa Weir), hits stores September 21.

17. Paul D. Brazill, This Old House

If you want a job done right, do it yourself. Or in the case of This Old House, never hire an idiot to burn down your home. Paul is a resident of Poland and brings a fun, unique voice to the mix.

18. Michael Allan Mallory, Boo!

A lonely widower discovers that his old Halloween pranks no longer cut it with the new generation of jaded kids who are too old for trick-or-treat anyway. But when an unexpected visitor shows up at the widower’s door, they hatch a plot the teenagers won’t forget. Michael Allan Mallory is the co-author of Killer Instinct and Death Roll.

19. Daniel Hatadi, Playpen

When eight-year-old Tim vanishes while playing in Kids Playhouse, his best friend Manny must solve the crime and convince adults that there is more to Tim’s disappearance than a human abduction or childish prank. Daniel Hatadi lives in Australia and is the mastermind and puppet master behind Crimespace, an online writing world for crime-fiction writers.

7 June 2010

"Happy Release day to Criminal Instinct!"

Yes! Criminal Instinct is finally here!

Five years in prison or five years working as an undercover agent?

Not the easiest choice for Ana Moreno, who has a history of B and E convictions and a problem with authority. But it’s a decision she and four other felons are willing to make to stay out of a jail cell.

When a deadly shipment of Ecstasy heads for San Francisco, Ana’s team is sent to stop it. Ana’s task: get close to the handsome and dangerous Jonas Saven, right-hand man of a suspected drug dealer with a deadly agenda. As Ana uncovers a web of secrets, betrayal and revenge, her heated attraction to Saven grows.

But with time running out to stop the dangerous drug lord, Ana must complete her mission—even if it costs her everything…

The very sleek and shiny Carina Press has launched with 8 exciting new titles. Congrats to Carina and the launch authors! And CP have been kind enough to share complete first chapters of all the launch authors. You can read them on the Carina blog in PDF.

I was excited to be mentioned in Publisher Weekly’s Barbara Vey’s blog! What an honor. You can read the post on Carina Press here. Many thanks to Barbara Vey!!

And the lovely Dianna Love, has this to say about Criminal Instinct:

“Criminal Instinct is more than a page turner and more than the freshest voice to hit publishing in years. Kelly Lynn Parra brings a distinctive voice and style to her intense suspense novels that sucks you in from page one and holds you prisoner.”

So what am I feeling? Thrilled, excited, a little scatterbrained! LOL!

Criminal Instinct is also available in Amazon Kindle format, Barnes & Noble Nook, and can be read right on your computer in PDF or with an Adobe Reader program. Heck, you can read digital books on your Blackberry and iPhone with reader apps. So if you have not yet stepped into the ebook realm, it’s not far from your grasp! Carina Press has a great help section on Epub books and PDF books.

So for $5 you can read an edgy, urban, romantic suspense! Haha. 😉

Thanks for reading, and if you happen to read CI, please contact me and let me know what you think!


3 June 2010

"A Personal Journey"

It’s just a little less than a week before my debut into Romantic Suspense, Criminal Instinct, will be published…

I once read that anything created goes through a journey and has something like a birth chart. Such as when writers go through journeys with their careers, so do books from the day they are born or started. Pretty surreal, huh?

Criminal Instinct was born years ago, in a small ancient duplex on the older side of town in California. It was my first home with my husband and my first home away from my mother. The outside paint was the original sea blue, with shredded strips of paint in corners. The floors were wooden and scarred. I would have to scrub mold from the window panes. The first year we lived there, we discovered mice running through our rooms until I found a small hole under the stove where the mice would sneak through to get inside and I plugged it with foil. Haha. The water heater broke once a year, and the backyard grew weeds instead of grass.

But it was still our first home, filled with hand-me-down furniture, and with large throw rugs thrown on the floors.

We lived there eight years because we couldn’t afford to live anywhere else.

And in the back room, on an old Macintosh computer, I started writing Criminal Instinct, then titled Deadly Adam.

Of course, it was awful at first. My prose was stilted, my descriptions rough. I didn’t even understand story structure, or character arcs. A little while later, I upgraded to my first iBook (that crashed and burned) and then to a chunky Toshiba laptop, and finally to a big, heavy iMac. Once I finished the book, I rewrote it again and began to cold query literary agents.

Even when I had two interested agents, I couldn’t believe it. This really seemed like it was happening to someone else. I finally chose an agent in Colorado. She was really nice and I knew she was a strong business woman. Not only that, but I believed my father had given me a sign.

My father, who I had a tremulous relationship since I was a little girl, had one day up and left to Colorado after my wedding without telling anyone in the family. He had lived in the same California town all his life. I managed to track him down and get a phone number. He told me he was happy, that he was doing good, and I believed him.

But I think I knew, my father never did well on his own.

Months later, I was pregnant and wanted him to know. His phone had been disconnected. I went to the people who he still had contact with, so he would know he would be a grandfather. The people said they’d get him the message to call me.

He never did.

Six months after my son was born, a detective came to my door and told me my father had died in Colorado and gave me a phone number. I was in shock and in tears. I called my aunt, who always took care of the boys in our family and she discovered my father died of Pneumonia.

I never spoke with my father again and he never met his grandson. And because he passed away in Colorado, I felt signing with this agent was his way of telling me this was the right decision.

So I did. We worked on Criminal Instinct for about 6 months, and then went on submission. Criminal Instinct made it to a couple of acquisitions before it was denied. Finally, Harlequin had my book for 11 months and bought it for the Bombshell line.

It was one of the best days of my life. I really believe my father had given me the right sign. When I was sent a box of his belongings from Colorado, inside his wallet was some money, his license, his social security card, and a post-it. On the post-it was a message: Your daughter is pregnant, she wants you to call her.

Finding the note has always made me feel like our father and daughter relationship has always been unfinished.

Months after my sale, the Bombshell line had closed. I sold two YA books and was able to finally move out of that old duplex into a roomier and brighter home. Criminal Instinct was put away for a few years until now…

Sadly, I’m no longer with the agent, but now Criminal Instinct has been given a new chance, or a rebirth, with Carina Press. I look back at this book’s journey and the events in my life that surrounded it. And even if readers don’t enjoy Criminal Instinct—because there are still rough areas in this book since it was my first—I will know of the journey it took and me with it.

It will make the publication all the more special, like this book has finally come full circle. And yes, I still look for signs from my father on what decisions to make next…