27 September 2013

Goodies Galore for October!

It’s almost time for the release of SUPERNATURAL HUNTERS! This is a novella length story for my teen hunters, Jaz and Blake! I’m super excited and I hope you’ll download the ebook and tell me what you think!


So I want to tell you all the good stuff happening in October…

October 1st
~ The release of SUPERNATURAL HUNTERS in ebook! You’ll find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
~ On-line Facebook launch party for SUPERNATURAL HUNTERS. Just click here to join! JOIN the launch party for giveaways all day long including copies of PROM DATES TO DIE FOR, SOMETHING WICKED and Jenny Peterson’s upcoming YA fantasy, CREATURE DISCOMFORTS.
~ BUY SUPERNATURAL HUNTERS ON 10/1 for a chance to win a Kindle on Halloween! ($79 value). Email receipt to buzzbooksusa (at) me (dot) com.

During October
~If you “Like” my Facebook page, you’ll be entered in a October SUPERNATURAL HUNTERS giveaway! More details coming at you. Just “Like” my page to entered and I’ll choose at random!
~ Blog tours and fun interviews!

Fun SUPERNATURAL HUNTER stuff to share now!
~ Now? YES, NOW! Check out the fun trailer Buzz Books filmed in Jaz’s point of view as she hunts for a ghoul!

~ I’m really trying to embrace marketing through digital media. So I’ve put together these neat Storygrams on some of the characters of SUPERNATURAL HUNTERS. How do you like them? (click on the thumbnails for bigger versions)


30 August 2013


I finally have my blog up and running. I was having a really tough time with the new blog and spam. *sigh* Fingers crossed–that I have settled the problem. On to some good news!

My next novella (note: for my younger friends, a novella is a little longer than a short story) is set to be published October 1st with Buzz Books titled, SUPERNATURAL HUNTERS! It is the third story with my characters Jaz and Blake!


Here’s the blurb:

Teen supernatural hunters, Jaz and Blake, are orphans, who don’t know where they’ve come from or even how they descended from the magical bloodline of hunters. Oz is a powerful Warlock and mentor, and has taken in Jaz and Blake to teach them the ways of their destiny. One of Oz’s previous students returns to Chapel Hill, a world-traveling hunter, asking for help to battle something they’ve never battled before: a Necromancer, a practitioner of death magic. Could this be the reason ghouls have been causing havoc around town? As Jaz and Blake attempt to follow the clues of the dead, they are faced with Blake considering leaving Jaz and Oz for greater hunting adventures, while Jaz discovers she could be the one the Necromancer really wants. Is this end of the Jaz and Blake chronicles? Find out in this next Supernatural Teen Hunter adventure…

Please check it out on Goodreads!