21 October 2008

"Invisible Touch Book Signing"

The book signing was very nice!

I had family, friends, and readers stop by for my first Invisible Touch book signing. The morning started off with a review, “Kelly Parra’s novel is visionary”, in the Salinas Californian with “Five Gold Pens” for Invisible Touch. Check out the full review here.

Here I am before the signing…

Touch Signing 01

A pic with my kiddos sitting with me.

Touch Signing 03

My modest line during the signing! 🙂

Touch Signing 04

And reader Rei’ Monique, who I first met at a Graffiti Girl signing and her mom was kind of enough to bring her to get my latest book.

Touch Signing 02

It was great day and I’m gearing up for the next one with Shelley Adina this weekend! 🙂

6 September 2008

"A Few Pics From a Fun Signing"

A few weeks ago, YA author Shelley Adina, author of the All About Us series, asked me to join her book signing at Borders in San Jose, CA. You don’t have to ask me twice! I agreed and we had a fun two hours attempting to gather customer attention. haha! We had some laughs as you might be able to tell from Shelley’s photo. I tend to draw out the giggles from my author friends. 🙂

And since Shelley was so cool to hang out with I’m giving away a signed copy of Shelley’s first book in the series, IT’S ALL ABOUT US over at YA Fresh this weekend. Check it out if you’re interested!

Here are a few pics…
Shell & Kel

Book Display

Shelley Adina

3 December 2007

"Supporting Fellow Authors"

Friday I got to see the cover for INVISIBLE TOUCH! It’s soo eye-catching and I can’t wait to share it. 🙂 Hopefully soon!

I took a drive to Santa Cruz this weekend when I heard a couple fellow authors were having a book signing. Rita winner, Shelley Bates writes Inspirational fiction for Faith Words, and she’s also heading into YA fiction next year with a cool new series. I picked up her novel, OVER HER HEAD. Author Jennifer Skully, who also writes under different pen names, had a few books out and I picked up IT MUST BE MAGIC (HQN). After I turn in IT, I can’t wait to dive into these books.

Shelley Bates & Jennifer Skully

I took pics, of course, and glad to have chatted with these great ladies for a few minutes. As you can see next to Shelley and Jennifer my shortness comes through perfectly. haha!

Shelley Bates Book Signing

Jennifer Skully Book Signing

It was a fun meeting! 🙂

21 May 2007

"First Book Signing"

The book signing went great!

Yes, I was really nervous. On the drive to Borders, I was thinking, what have I gotten myself into? I’m not the best at being the center of attention.

A table was set with books spread out, and the manager told me I could set the table up as I wanted since I brought some promo items. Sorry, the pics are pretty basic, and you can click on the pic for a larger view. 🙂

In case anyone is wondering my shirt says, “I got skills”.
It’s a graffiti shirt with paint dripping off the lettering. 🙂



I went non-stop from 2:00 – 3:30 and then I got a lag and I was glad I decided to stay until 4:00. 🙂 The truth is I knew mostly everyone who bought my book who were friends and family–love ya guys!! haha. I probably wouldn’t have done so well in a town I didn’t know anybody. I sold out my books, and luckily brought my own box of author copies to swap the store because I still needed a few more copies.



I heard somewhere to bring your own extra copies just in case. I did, and I ended up selling about ten more. What the Borders Event Director told me was that the publisher estimates how many to send to the store for the signing, so there were about 50-60 copies sent the prior week. I’d sold some during the week, and then the rest at the signing. So that was really cool. This is the display they had for me in the children’s section for the past week, with one in front of the store too.

borders display #1

I was even brought flowers from some really cool friends–see the flowers in the vase?–and I had friends from my Monterey Bay Chapter come by too!


It was a great first experience, and I even got asked where to find some books and the lady huffed past me when I couldn’t tell her where! 🙂

12 March 2007

"Confessions of a (Semi-Phobic) Author…"

So I’ve mentioned before, how I’m a little shy in the author department. It’s been hard to tell people in person about my book. I usually get two reactions from people I don’t know too well. One is either shock, the other not-very-interested.

My mild (haha) phobia is being the center of attention in front of a bunch of strangers, public speaking, and all that jazz.

But as the countdown begins, I’ve been slowly letting people know about the book. I have one book store in town now. Remember, my other book store closed it’s doors in January. I knew I was going to have to go to the book store and mention my novel coming out, so I could find out how many they were getting (or that they were actually going to get some in) so I could possibly sign them…

I grabbed an ARC of GG, and I towed my family along. Always good to have back-up.

Did I mention I know the manager?

And he’s my cousin.


Yes. How could my own cousin not know I wrote and sold a book, right?

Well, have I mentioned both my mother and father come from parents who had 13 kids each? Yes, I grew up with 24 aunts and uncles, not including spouses and a whole mess of cousins and second cousins and third cousins. Some I’ve never even met and could have walked past on the sidewalk.

So we all said our hellos, gave hugs, and I finally told him and gave him an ARC.

He was surprised, but in the family-proud-of-you kind of way. He looked up my book in the system to make sure he would get some copies and we agreed I would come in and sign them.


Not so bad at all.

And last week, I emailed the events director for Borders regarding my book signing. We set up a time to talk about the event.

The semi-phobia is getting a little easier to deal with. But I still have to send out press packets to two of the local newspapers, and I’m nervous I may get a phone call from one of them and all the sudden I’ll forget to speak coherently. Not to mention what will happen at the actual signing.

This is kind of new thing for me, to just dive head first, you know? I don’t do well in front of a bunch of people so what do I do? I set-up a book signing at a big Border’s store on a Saturday afternoon where people may actually stare at me from afar. Hmmm. Let’s not think about that now.

One step at a time… 🙂