16 April 2016

The Fresh Files

I’m back on the blogging scene with author interviews! Two years ago I closed YA FRESH, interviews and talk about young adult fiction. The blog had lasted 7 lovely years, but it had run its course.

I really haven’t written much in the last 2 years. Now I’ve committed myself to start writing again, and blogging has always helped me to do just that. Sharing, writing, researching and yes, talking with other writers.

So I have launched my new baby, THE FRESH FILES. Books. Authors. Freshness.

Yes, I had to get my “fresh” back in there. It’s such a fun word, people. *wink*


My first guest is YA author and Literary Writer, Sean Beaudoin! Fun stuff and cool guy! Comments are open on The Fresh Files so let me know what you think!

29 June 2010

"Busy Summer with Promo!"

Life is sure busy during this month in June! How is life treating you this summer? With a summer release, the kiddos home, summer sports, and lots of home changes going on, it’s definitely been a wild month. I thought it would be easier to share a list of my recent Criminal Instinct activity.

Here are a few fun blog guest spots I’ve participated in and lovely reviews I’ve received within the past few weeks.

~ Come read my cover story for Criminal Instinct on the Barnes and Noble Community blog. I chatted with talented author, Melissa Walker about the cover changes Criminal Instinct had gone through before publication.

~ Check out my writer chat interview with author Maggie Marr!

~ On author Carrie Lofty’s blog, I shared an exclusive excerpt of Criminal Instinct!

~ And tomorrow, on June 30th, I’ll be blogging with the lovely bloggers at Petit Fours and Hot Tamales!! I’ll be discussing how I used the past to add sympathy to my imperfect characters. So please stop by!

* * *

And I’m happy to share a few lovely reviews I’ve received for Criminal Instinct

“The action is nonstop, the violence nearly constant, the emotions always just below the surface. Much like Ana. It was almost exhausting to read, but that might be because I read it in a single sitting. I couldn’t stop. The threat was always right there, and it felt too tenuous to put the book aside, even though I knew I could always come back to it. The level of detail creates a world that’s gritty and completely in your face, defying you to pretend it’s not real.” ~ Book Utopia

“The gritty world of illegal drug dealings is realistically portrayed in CRIMINAL INSTINCT, where danger is nonstop and emotions are conflicted.” ~ 4.5 Stars by Amelia Richard, Singletitles.com

“Criminal Instinct is a roller coaster ride right from the get-go. […] The plot was like an onion that was constantly being peeled away. It had me riveted to my seat until the very end.” ~ Ann, Romance Junkies —romancejunkies.com

Whew! Yes, it’s definitely been a busy a month! And I’m hoping for this positive busy to bump on over into July!

30 April 2010

"Blogging Today at Carina Press!"

My Carina Press countdown day is here! I’m blogging today at Carina Press.

First with my journey to Carina Press here.

And introducing Ana and Jonas and the SIDE team! Read it here with small excerpts!

If you comment on either blogs, you will be entered to win a digital copy of Criminal Instinct. One of the blog, one of Facebook, and one on Twitter. I’m also giving away a CP launch title to blog visitor, winner’s choice.

So please stop by and leave a comment and share the news.

Thank you!


29 April 2010

"Countdown to Carina!"

The Countdown to the launch of the fresh new e-press Carina Press is here!

Beginning tomorrow authors will be blogging everyday and giving away prizes until June 7th when Carina digitally opens it doors to e-readers.

And yes, Criminal Instinct will be released on June 7th. *sighs in wonderment*

For those of you who have been blog pals with me for the past five years know what I’ve been through with this book and now it’s finally going to be published. For those of you who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about—haha—you’ll find out tomorrow when I blog at Carina Press once in the morning and then in the afternoon.

Carina Press will be giving away 3 digital copies of Criminal Instinct, one on the Carina blog, one on Facebook, and one of Twitter. Read the details here to find out how to enter for CI and all the other Carina titles.

So please visit the Carina blog tomorrow and leave me a comment!! I’ll be giving away a digital launch title in June to a lucky visitor—winner’s choice!


8 March 2010

"TFC 3 Year Anniversary"

Teen Fiction Cafe is celebrating a 3 Year Anniversary!! Our great group of authors are blogging and giving away goodies to lucky visitors.

Today I compiled a short list of what happened 3 years ago and what I’ve learned. I’m offering up a copy of Graffiti Girl or Invisible Touch if you share something positive that happened to you about 3 years ago.

Borders Book Signing

Winners for each giveaway will be chosen after March 13th–so comment away!!