2007 September

29 September 2007

"New Title"

(I saw my new YA title on my agent’s page so let’s announce!) INVISIBLE TOUCH Yep, just like the Genesis song. 🙂 😉

29 September 2007

"And the title is IT"

For the next three days, I will have Navy jets flying over my roof, with loud monsterous flybys. This is a yearly air show,…

27 September 2007

"Quick TV Update"

My quick TV show update…. Heroes: A little slow in the beginning, but it was great to jump back into the mystery of the…

25 September 2007

"Better Than Chicken Scratch"

I’m not much of an advance plotter. It’s really a mind-numbing experience to write up a synopsis. Haha. But when I pass the middle…

23 September 2007

"To Brag or Not To Brag"

There seems to be a debate on Kristin Nelson’s latest blog entry about how you communicate with an agent about a request, whether telling…

20 September 2007

"Name That Title"

My writing blog always suffers while I’m back into a book. 🙂 Current wip: Signs. Or tentatively titled Signs. I knew a week after…

18 September 2007

"Meez Me"

I couldn’t help myself! I’ve been seeing so many writers “Meez” themselves that I had to give it a go. Total time-waster but fun.…

18 September 2007

"Bobby Z"

The movie rental of the weekend was…. BOBBY Z. Really enjoyed it! What you won’t rent this movie for: Original plot. Paul Walker is…