September 2007

"New Title"

(I saw my new YA title on my agent’s page so let’s announce!) INVISIBLE TOUCH Yep, just like the Genesis song.

"And the title is IT"

For the next three days, I will have Navy jets flying over my roof, with loud monsterous flybys. This is a yearly air show, you’d think I’d be used to it. But noo. It’s like thunder surrounding you and every time you hear the sound, you cringe waiting for something to slam down on you

"Quick TV Update"

My quick TV show update…. Heroes: A little slow in the beginning, but it was great to jump back into the mystery of the Heroes and the organization still controlling things in the background. I am intrigued and probably will be until the last show of the season! NCIS: Yes, back

"Better Than Chicken Scratch"

I’m not much of an advance plotter. It’s really a mind-numbing experience to write up a synopsis. Haha. But when I pass the middle of the book, I need to make sure my story threads are making sense, are connecting, are not dropping off, are necessary. I’ve tried the plotting board. A

"To Brag or Not To Brag"

There seems to be a debate on Kristin Nelson’s latest blog entry about how you communicate with an agent about a request, whether telling the interested agent about all other agent interest is a good idea or not. What I’m getting from Kristin’s post is that a writer

"Name That Title"

My writing blog always suffers while I’m back into a book. Current wip: Signs. Or tentatively titled Signs. I knew a week after the sale that my editor wasn’t keen on Signs as a title, and that I’d have to come up with a new one. The problem, I’m terrible at titles. I put some togethe

"Meez Me"

I couldn’t help myself! I’ve been seeing so many writers “Meez” themselves that I had to give it a go. Total time-waster but fun. haha! Here we have Writer Me to the left and my character, Angel, from Graffiti Girl to the right.

"Bobby Z"

The movie rental of the weekend was…. BOBBY Z. Really enjoyed it! What you won’t rent this movie for: Original plot. Paul Walker is Tim Kearney, a good guy with a run of bad luck. He’s hit strike number three and serving a prison sentence, but if he plays his cards right and pretends

"That Emotional Place"

Even though I make up stories and characters, I still put a lot of myself in my books. Such as…what I may find attractive about a hero. Or my little opinions sneak in through the characters. Maybe even a scene I witnessed in daily life will wind up in a book. But I often war with myse

"I Heart Indiana Jones"

The fourth Indiana Jones Film gets a title! (drum roll) The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull The battle to name the new Indiana Jones film is over, and the winner is “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” Forget about “Indiana Jones and the City of Gods” or even ̶