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"And the title is IT"

For the next three days, I will have Navy jets flying over my roof, with loud monsterous flybys. This is a yearly air show, you’d think I’d be used to it. But noo.

It’s like thunder surrounding you and every time you hear the sound, you cringe waiting for something to slam down on your house.

Yikes! The jets are still super cool, though.

Okay, I have good news! Signs, my current YA novel, may have a real title. I’m pretty sure this is THE title, but not sure if I’m able to share yet.

Top secret and all that.

Just kidding. :p

After numerous volleys of suggestions back and forth, finally all three of us–writer, editor, agent–came to an agreement.

Let me tell you, it was not easy.

I’m not sure if MTV has to approve the new title before it becomes official so I’ll just keep my lips sealed until I get the go ahead.

The new title is unique. When I read it on my screen I was, like, wow, that is different.

I will mention that the initials are IT. So my CP suggested we call it “IT”. Yeah, IT works.

When will IT be finished?

IT is driving me insane.

IT is a cool title for a book…and a song. :)

"Quick TV Update"

My quick TV show update….

Heroes: A little slow in the beginning, but it was great to jump back into the mystery of the Heroes and the organization still controlling things in the background. I am intrigued and probably will be until the last show of the season!

NCIS: Yes, back with the NCIS gang. Watching the NCIS gang is like visiting old friends. We love this show for the characters and I will faithfully watch each season. :)

Journey Man: I hadn’t planned to watch the show and I was pretty much expecting Quantum Leap, but I really loved how it wasn’t, and I enjoyed the quick action scenes. It’s a cool show.

Gossip Girl: I checked it out last week. It was dramatic and kinda cool with the anonymous Gossip Girl columnist. I’ve never read a GG book, but it was good. The problem is, its on the same time as Bionic Woman.

Bionic Woman: And Bionic Woman wins Wednesday nights, hands down. Action and sci-fi–totally awesome. This is a must-see show.

Looking forward to…

The return of Ghostwhisperer and checking out Moonlight tomorrow night.

What’s everybody else watching?

"Better Than Chicken Scratch"

index cards

I’m not much of an advance plotter. It’s really a mind-numbing experience to write up a synopsis. Haha.

But when I pass the middle of the book, I need to make sure my story threads are making sense, are connecting, are not dropping off, are necessary.

I’ve tried the plotting board. A big sheet or board with squares as the chapters, and multicolored post-its and highlighters to keep track of threads.

I didn’t stick with it. :) Mostly because it was just too darn big, and I don’t exactly have an office. (Insert photo of kids tearing off post-its.)

My next adventure?

Index cards. Multi-colored index cards.

Each color for each thread under each chapter. Small, too.

Will it work? Hard to say, but I’ll be able to move threads around, take them out if they don’t work, or change a card here and there.

Anything is better than my unorganized chicken scratch notes and a pad of paper.

Oh gees, if this doesn’t work it WILL BE chicken scratch notes.

"To Brag or Not To Brag"

There seems to be a debate on Kristin Nelson’s latest blog entry about how you communicate with an agent about a request, whether telling the interested agent about all other agent interest is a good idea or not.

What I’m getting from Kristin’s post is that a writer should treat all agents with respect and courtesy. If an agent is offering to take the time to request your full, simply thank the agent and mail the pages. Sure, it’s okay to ask to email the full in a polite way.


The tone of your communication and how you handle the situation can be a deciding factor if an agent will be willing to work with you. Bragging isn’t a good idea. Now if there are offers of representation from other agents then the courtesy is letting the interested agent know so she can decide if she is willing to make the time to read your work quickly before you sign with an agent.

The unnecessary telling of XX amount of agent interest on a project can come off as….”well, all this interest, but is there something wrong with the work or writer that after all this interest there is no offer?”

Or “obviously, I’m not of a great interest to the writer as an agent since he/she is querying a bunch of agents over me.”

Treat an intrerested agent with polite courtesy. This agent could be the one to sell your book and become your partner in your career. Or not. ;)

From reading Kristin’s blog, she’s mentioned that some agents will share the good and the bad about writers and editors. You don’t want your name being shared as a bad experience.

Just my thoughts on the matter. Kristin could have a different outlook on the topic. :)

"Name That Title"

My writing blog always suffers while I’m back into a book. :)

Current wip: Signs.

Or tentatively titled Signs.

I knew a week after the sale that my editor wasn’t keen on Signs as a title, and that I’d have to come up with a new one. The problem, I’m terrible at titles.

I put some together, but my editor wasn’t thrilled with them, but her interest did focus on the partial title of Fate.

Between my agent, my editor and myself, we’re trying to find one that we all feel comfortable with–which isn’t easy.

I’ve always had this thing about having a title while I write, so I can make sure the story and title fit. Of course titles can change, it’s just one of those writer quirks of mine.

Here are some cool and memorable titles of some of my favorite authors’ books…

Touching Midnight
The Truth About Forever
Garden of Darkness
The Possibility of Fireflies
A Thousand Kisses Deep

These are strong titles that tug my interest without even looking at the covers. One day I’d like to come up with a title that does that for a reader. :)

"Meez Me"

I couldn’t help myself! I’ve been seeing so many writers “Meez” themselves that I had to give it a go. Total time-waster but fun. haha! Here we have Writer Me to the left and my character, Angel, from Graffiti Girl to the right. :)

"Bobby Z"

The movie rental of the weekend was….


Really enjoyed it!

What you won’t rent this movie for:

Original plot.

Paul Walker is Tim Kearney, a good guy with a run of bad luck. He’s hit strike number three and serving a prison sentence, but if he plays his cards right and pretends to be a drug dealer named Bobby Z, he’s free to go…if he can get away from a real Mexican drug lord.

Unfortunately, there’s a double-cross and he has not only bad guys gunning for Bobby Z, but a gang of bikers after his real self.

This is a movie of Mistaken Identity, Drug Trafficking, and Revenge.

What you WILL rent this movie for:

Action. Suspense. A few laughs. Paul Walker. Entertainment.

There is never a dull moment in this movie. Lots of action-packed suspense, with laughable scenes at all the right moments, and dark edgy scenes the next. And of course, Paul Walker’s boyish smile.

In my opinion, the movie serves its purpose and fully entertains.

But then I’ve always been an action-packed suspense movie kind of a girl. ;)