January 2007

"Lucky 500 & Quotes!"

What do you know? I’m at my 500th blog entry. Craaazy. Since I must go watch the Golden Globes this evening–you know, to see which movies to add to my watchlist. I mean, it doesn’t have anything to do with celebrities and fancy dresses or anything–I have more g

"The Agent ?s"

Okay, so I neglected to mention what kind of questions you might want to ask agents before deciding to sign with them. I had no idea what questions to ask, either, but I had friends who did. Here are some sample questions to start you off… 1) Do you represent other authors in my

"Library Widget"

My blogging friend, Jeff, recently mentioned his Library Thing. I had signed up too, but it’s taken forever to gather the books that own, and I still haven’t finished. I think I have about 50% of my books listed, which is sad because I’m only allowed 200! (And what&#

"The Double Offer"

Over at Miss Snark’s blog, someone has three agents interested in her novel. I’ve never been “inundated” with agent offers, but I did have two agents offer representation for my romantic suspense. You would think it would be so great to have more than one agent

"Headliner: Subway Hero"

One of the big reasons I love to read fiction are because of the heroes I can root for. But some heroes do not need to be made up. Fifty-year-old New York resident, Wesley Autrey, is a real life hero, folks. After watching a film student have a seizure and tumble onto subway tracks of

"Sorry, But I’m Low on the Food Chain"

On a recent blog entry, my agent discusses reading guidelines. She has writers sending her unsolicited manuscripts and I’ve read in the past she’s even been queried for projects she doesn’t rep, obviously by writers who either don’t read her guidelines or don&#

"My Small Favorite Book Store"

I think it was about a year ago that I stepped into my first Border’s book store. Some of you might think this odd, those of you who don’t have a Border’s near you probably won’t. (Just think of me as one of those gals who takes forever to try something new.) A

"Being Idealistic"

I swear, I’ve been like a promo feign these past couple of weeks. No school due to winter break, no writing as I wait to hear about my recent project, and I’ve been planning ahead for the release of Graffiti Girl. Like you guys haven’t been able to tell from the last