April 2006

"Happy Easter"

I hope everyone has an awesome Easter and great time with your families! =)

"Writers & Rejections"

Traveling the blogosphere, especially the writer circuit, I often read about writers mentioning their rejections. Those of you who have begun any type of writer submission process–novel, short story, poetry, screenplays–probably already know about Writer Rejections. Likely

"Writer Status"

I had the pleasure of chatting with my editor from MTV Books for the first time. She is super nice and I’m excited to be working with her. Soon she will be sending the notes on Graffiti Girl. So far I’m slotted for an April/May 2007 release, so that is exciting to know! As

"Ideas, Changes & Writing Patterns"

Recently, Allison Brennan discussed on her blog about novel ideas. Unfortunately, good solid novel ideas don’t come to me too often. Aspects of characterization usually develop more than the book ideas. Mostly because I’ll see something or someone so interesting in the pub

"From NY & Another Website"

Agent Kristin is blogging from NY this week. And the latest scoop from Random House is… For all you writers out there, the word on the RH street is erotica and more erotica. Hot, hot, hot. In more ways than one. Also for Penguin group. Here’s what else she picked up: Outsi

"Movie Weekend"

I had a wonderful movie-filled weekend… We rented King Kong and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Two vastly different films but I enjoyed both. Okay, so I heard a few bad reviews on King Kong, and I’m sure it had its strengths and weaknesses

"Tor Romantic Suspense & Paranormal"

If there’s any doubt some editors check what’s being written about them in the blogosphere, read the comments below and squash the doubt. =) It happens!***Discovered this by one of my loops: Tor editor, Anna Genoese, is looking for Paranormal Romance and Romantic Suspense

"Mello Yello"

Back to Podcasts… I mentioned a Podcast radio show wanting a recording of my piece, Doorways, for their poem show, The Good Night Show, on www.miporadio.com. Apparently they have a list of podcast radio shows available with different PJs (podcast diskjockeys ). Pretty neat. The

"Diamond Shoals"

Recently I won a contest at Jason Evan’s blog, The Clarity of Night. I was the 10,000 visitor! I won a print of one of his beautiful images, and also accepted the challenge of choosing an image for him to write a fiction piece on. He did wonderful!! Go read Part I of Diamond Sho


It’s the evening before this blog is posted. I’ve turned in the recording of my flash, Doorways. Yes, I sounded young and like a dork. =D I don’t think I’ll be doing many podcasts after all. We’ll see what happens with the recording, though. I’ve al