27 June 2005

"What I Love In Romance Heroes"

I’m going to take my queue from Tanya today, and chat about Romance Heroes. I’m in deep focus on my YA, and new blog ideas just don’t come about when I’m so focused on a wip. =) So instead of boring you with the repetitious struggles of the book, here’s what I love in RHs.

I’m pretty much for the alpha heroes. I love them tough, sexy, a little rugged. They don’t follow orders well when they know what’s right–but the thing is, it has to be right. *g* They can’t just bulldoze into something that’s wrong.

They’re well-built in the chest, gut, arms, and thighs. They wear boots or tennis shoes, jeans, with either tight-fitting tees or loose dress shirts. They stand in a room, and demand everyone’s attention. Their skin is tan or dark. They are not too hairy, but just right. They talk no-nonsense, and they walk the walk. They look at their heroines and that’s all they see.

If they want something, they go after it. They don’t wait for it to be handed to them, unless it’s their heroine. When the time is right, they wait until the women come to them.

They’re both book smart and street smart. They know how to kick ass, and get the job done. But most of all, they are not perfect. They screw up like any normal person and then they try to make it up double-time.

They smile sexy. They may be rough, but know when to be gentle. They love. They care. They help others even when it is against their best interest.

They want their heroines, who are not the sexiest women on the planet. They see something in them that no one else has taken the time to see. And they treat them better than they have ever been treated. They protect the women they love. They cherish them. They love them more than anything.

They are what I love in Romance Heroes. =)