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"Interview With Rude Blog-Commenter Person"

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Do-do-do-do-do-do. [Twilight Zone theme song going on, in case you’re wondering.]

Janet Mitchell walked in nice and slow into the WWRO–World Writer Rights Org–interrogation room, pulled out the metal chair, and sat ramrod straight, folding her hands on top of her file. “Thank you for agreeing to chat with us today, Rude Blog-Commenter Person.” Her eyebrows furrowed. “That’s a mouthful. Can I call you Rudy?”

Rudy shrugged a thick shoulder. “Uh, sure.”

“Are you comfortable? Can I get you something? Water?”


“Good, good. Now, can you please tell us why you feel comfortable putting down other writers’ work on-line?”

He lifted his thick monobrow. “Because it makes me feel cool?”

“Cool. Okay. You see, Rudy, that just doesn’t cut it. I happen to believe a writer’s work is sacred to the writer. I mean, writing is hard, stressful, intricate work. Writers practically slave over creating new worlds, diving into someone else’s head, and bringing them to life.”

Rudy scratched his belly, letting out a wide jaw-cracking yawn.

“Anyone,” she went on, “who can write a book, whether it is good or bad, deserves a medal, and a trillion brownie points. Anyone who puts his/her heart out for the world to see, and has to read or watch people pick it apart, is one kick-butt individual.”

Rudy shifted his wide frame in his chair. “Hey, hey, hey. You’re picking on the wrong blog-commenter person.” He shoved a wide thumb into his chest. “I can kick butt with my stories too.”

She leaned back, crossing her arms. “Really? That’s great. Are you published?”

“Er. No.”

“Finished a book?”

Rudy licked his sausage lips. “Yeah.”

“How many?”

He scrubbed at his nose. “20. No–more like 50!”

“Super. Next question.” She made a show of examining her file, but knew every question by heart. “Did you know if you bashed an author in a blog’s comments, the author could actually read the comments if they googled themselves, or the character, or the book title. Because blog posts–as well as comments–are published on the World Wide Web. Did you consider this, Rudy?”

Rudy swallowed visibly, Adam’s apple doing a good bounce. “No. Why would the author google his name, book, or uh, character?”

She waved a hand in the air. “I don’t know. Maybe he’s bored. Maybe he’s curious. Maybe one of his friends does it. Doesn’t really matter. What does, is that it’s possible the bashed author could find your comment, and maybe just maybe, they come after you and ask you why you cut ‘em down on-line. They probably won’t sue–“

His eyes bulged. “WHAT??”

Had him now. “Oh yeah, you know, for slander. Did you ever think of this Rude–I mean–Rudy??”

Rudy flicked his eyes to the door. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Um, in fact, I don’t even know you.” He squinted in her direction. “Who are you really?”

“How kind of you to ask.” She rose from the chair, shoved it into under the table, and hands still on chair, leaned forward. “Name’s Janet Mitchell, and I eat guys like you for breakfast.”

A tear of sweat ran down Rudy’s face.

“But best of all, I’m a writer, and I would hate for someone to bash me or my work. Is it too much to ask, before you feel you need to put someone down in public, to ask yourself how you would feel if someone said or wrote that about you or your work?” With that said, she pushed off and headed for the door.

She heard Rudy’s chair crash to the floor behind her. “No one would dare! I am King!”

Opening the door, over her shoulder, she said, “Kinda all makes you go, hmmm, don’t it?”

"Thanks & NEXT"

I just wanted to take a moment to say, you guys, who visit my blog, are really great. Your encouragement and advice are always wonderful and inspiring. When I started this blog, I didn’t know I would meet such awesome people. Posting on forums and chatting with other writers has nothing on the individuals you meet through blog-hopping. =) I just wanted to say Thank You for taking the time to wish me luck with my writing. I appreciate your thoughts more than I can say. Okay, enough with the mushy stuff. LOL!

Last night I was browsing through Longs and I always stop by the book section. I don’t know about anyone else, but I LOVE to look at book covers. Unfortunately, sometimes the cover is better than the book! *wince*

I stopped when I saw the cutest new covers for the new Harlequin NEXT line. Check these covers out. I think they are sweet, colorful and welcoming. What’s your take and has anyone read any?

Harlequin NEXT

“Through old friendships, new relationships and newfound personal strength, the heroines in these novels discover that an unexpected fork in the road can be exactly what you need.”

"Submission Update 4"

I’m pretty sure I’m up to Submission Update 4.

Another pass on DA with another publishing house. Not a straight rejection like the last house, but this editor gave some feedback and offered another read after revisions. Unfortunately, this editor’s revisions do not match editor #1’s request for revisions or #2’s.

This editor felt I was too heavy on the heroine and hero’s relationship. She wanted my other characters brought out more for readers to identify with, and she wanted someone else’s backstory brought out sooner. Also would like more on how the organization began and how everyone was trained. It was almost like her revisions were more mainstream ideas than romance.

Another point against me was the house was already bringing out a new series similar to mine sometime in the future.

So I’ve had 3 houses pass with offers to read after revisions, and one flat out rejection. If I wanted to get real depressing I could say 4 REJECTIONS total, but I don’t, so 3 passes with offers for 2nd reads, and one straight R. =)

"What I Love In Romance Heroes"

I’m going to take my queue from Tanya today, and chat about Romance Heroes. I’m in deep focus on my YA, and new blog ideas just don’t come about when I’m so focused on a wip. =) So instead of boring you with the repetitious struggles of the book, here’s what I love in RHs.

I’m pretty much for the alpha heroes. I love them tough, sexy, a little rugged. They don’t follow orders well when they know what’s right–but the thing is, it has to be right. *g* They can’t just bulldoze into something that’s wrong.

They’re well-built in the chest, gut, arms, and thighs. They wear boots or tennis shoes, jeans, with either tight-fitting tees or loose dress shirts. They stand in a room, and demand everyone’s attention. Their skin is tan or dark. They are not too hairy, but just right. They talk no-nonsense, and they walk the walk. They look at their heroines and that’s all they see.

If they want something, they go after it. They don’t wait for it to be handed to them, unless it’s their heroine. When the time is right, they wait until the women come to them.

They’re both book smart and street smart. They know how to kick ass, and get the job done. But most of all, they are not perfect. They screw up like any normal person and then they try to make it up double-time.

They smile sexy. They may be rough, but know when to be gentle. They love. They care. They help others even when it is against their best interest.

They want their heroines, who are not the sexiest women on the planet. They see something in them that no one else has taken the time to see. And they treat them better than they have ever been treated. They protect the women they love. They cherish them. They love them more than anything.

They are what I love in Romance Heroes. =)

"Revisions Going"

The YA revisions are going well. I don’t know if it’s because I have a clearer direction than before (with the help of my agent =)), that maybe I feel like I’m starting something new, or if it’s because I’m back to my comfortable voice.

Having to basically restart a book from the beginning isn’t very appealing, but I learned as a writer sometimes you just have to do what’s best for a project. You have to tell yourself you’re not just a wannabe writer, but a professional, sort of like on Kacey’s post about the author telling writers to believe in themselves.

The thing is, I really only have one solid book under my belt. There was a romance I wrote a long time ago that was horrible and who knows if it was even a book, more like a really bad novella. LOL! And then I wrote the first version of my RS, Deadly Adam, that was just as bad. I don’t count those previous attempts because I didn’t know any of the mechanics involved in producing a worthwhile story. So I really want to get at this YA and finish it. Feel the glow of having completed a second book. But it looks like with the revisions and rewrites that won’t be achieved until months down the road. All I have to say is good thing I didn’t choose to be a writer for the short term. =)

"Signs Of A Disorganized Writer"

NOTE: Extensive research was done to compile the signs below. There is no evidence–whatsoever–these characteristics are part of my life and I’m sticking to this statement. Thank you very much, please read on.

Signs of a disorganized writer…

-Once in a while you find things in strange places you’ve been missing. For example, there’s never a freaking pen when you need one, but somehow there are some in your make-up bag and two small screwdrivers?? Hmmm.

-It looks like a tornado hit your desk, with tipped over pencil holders, torn bits of paper, some weird statue thing your spouse brought home and have no idea where he got it from, and piles of edited manuscript pages. Poor desk.

-Wait a minute, you wonder, is there even a desk under that carnage???

-You find yourself rushing out the door to pick up your kid from school because you’re late for the 50th time.

-The toast, the bagel, the garlic bread have all been burned because of YOU. Bad, disorganized writer, bad.

-The water bill, relative birthday cards, and the cell phone bill are late into the mail yet again…

-The quick character notes you jotted down on the back of a receipt and stuffed in the pocket of your jeans while you were out, have been washed and now bits of white paper are stuck to all your clothes, your spouse’s, and the kids’.

-And that paper thing only happens when you GET to the laundry. (Which happens when someone runs out of clean underwear.)

-Your spouse calls you from work every hour to see if you did that thing he asked you to do, and you keep saying, “Uh, not yet. Soon.” Soon turns into later, later turns into night, and five minutes before your spouse returns home, you decide to rush around and finally do it. As well as straightening the front room, and starting dinner.

-Crap, you forgot to plan something for dinner. You grab the phone for take out. =)

"YA In For Major Revisions"

My agent called about the YA partial, and now I’m in for major revisions. She liked the concept, but basically she felt I was writing this YA in a different way from my original voice. (See yesterday’s post about humor and different voice. =)) Yeah, I definitely knew this. YA can be edgy, which I tend to write. Of course, I just have to leave out the grit and graphic stuff. It’s just that I read a whole boatload of YA and none of the titles I read were the edgy ones.

I guess I thought it was okay to write differently for another genre, but maybe it’s not. The truth of the matter is I have been blocked for a while with this YA. I blamed it on reaching the black moments, which always bring me to a halt, and I blamed it on school ending and summer, and I blamed it on being on submission with my romantic suspense.

But maybe, just maybe, it’s because I was forcing myself to write in a voice that wasn’t me. How’s that for a writer’s realization?

As I’ve reread through the YA, I’ve watched my real style emerge. I didn’t know if this was a good thing or bad. Well, obviously a good thing because now I get to keep some of that stuff in the rewrite. ;D

The moral I learned with this project is don’t try to write in a style that’s not in you. Because:

1) You’ll end up blocking yourself.

2) Your agent won’t buy it.


I’m a little scatterbrained today, lots of thoughts–>

YA update: Yikes, my agent has gotten around to reading my YA partial. She e-mailed me to tell me that we’d chat soon once she gets her notes together. Ugh, my mind is a-whirl. Does she totally hate it? Does she have major changes??? I’m nearly finished with the book, and I’m just not confident about it because A) the YA is a total different voice from my suspense. B) It has humor–lots of it. Here’s a thought: Maybe, just maybe, I’m just NOT FUNNY.

Business card update: I attempted the Vista cards template and it is very easy to use, but when I tried to upload an image it was all contorted and pixelated. *sigh* I couldn’t figure out any sizing options so I went and designed my own on my illustrator program. Very romantic suspense, now I just have to find a good cardstock to print on. Hmm. Glossy or matte? Decisions, decisions.

Conference wardrobe update: Amy had a post about shopping for conference. Let me tell you, my wardrobe consists of jeans, tees, and sweats. The wardrobe before that was maternity. The wardrobe before that…I will never fit in again in this life.

Yes, very scatterbrained today. *snicker*