June 2005

"Interview With Rude Blog-Commenter Person"

Filed under: Goofball Rebel Files Do-do-do-do-do-do. [Twilight Zone theme song going on, in case you're wondering.] Janet Mitchell walked in nice and slow into the WWRO–World Writer Rights Org–interrogation room, pulled out the metal chair, and sat ramrod straight, folding

"Thanks & NEXT"

I just wanted to take a moment to say, you guys, who visit my blog, are really great. Your encouragement and advice are always wonderful and inspiring. When I started this blog, I didn’t know I would meet such awesome people. Posting on forums and chatting with other writers has

"Submission Update 4"

I’m pretty sure I’m up to Submission Update 4. Another pass on DA with another publishing house. Not a straight rejection like the last house, but this editor gave some feedback and offered another read after revisions. Unfortunately, this editor’s revisions do not m

"What I Love In Romance Heroes"

I’m going to take my queue from Tanya today, and chat about Romance Heroes. I’m in deep focus on my YA, and new blog ideas just don’t come about when I’m so focused on a wip. =) So instead of boring you with the repetitious struggles of the book, here’s w

"Revisions Going"

The YA revisions are going well. I don’t know if it’s because I have a clearer direction than before (with the help of my agent =)), that maybe I feel like I’m starting something new, or if it’s because I’m back to my comfortable voice. Having to basicall

"Signs Of A Disorganized Writer"

NOTE: Extensive research was done to compile the signs below. There is no evidence–whatsoever–these characteristics are part of my life and I’m sticking to this statement. Thank you very much, please read on. Signs of a disorganized writer… -Once in a while you

"YA In For Major Revisions"

My agent called about the YA partial, and now I’m in for major revisions. She liked the concept, but basically she felt I was writing this YA in a different way from my original voice. (See yesterday’s post about humor and different voice. =)) Yeah, I definitely knew this.


I’m a little scatterbrained today, lots of thoughts–> YA update: Yikes, my agent has gotten around to reading my YA partial. She e-mailed me to tell me that we’d chat soon once she gets her notes together. Ugh, my mind is a-whirl. Does she totally hate it? Does she h

"Business Cards"

This year’s RWA conference will be my first national conference. Basically most of it will be new to me. I’m bound to have a million questions when I get there (luckily Tina will help me along), but at the moment I wondering about business cards. I will not be pitching thi

"Presenting An Award"

I’d like to take a moment to present an award… Ahem. Thank you all for coming. First, (cough) I put together a little speech here, so um, here I go. We are gathered here today to celebrate– Okay, wait, that sounds like a wedding or something…let me try this aga